The East-West railway is part of a long-term economic investment strategy to create an industrial “arc” between Oxford and Cambridge, including the centres of Milton Keynes, Bedford etc. See here.

The first stage of the new railway, an upgrade of the line between Oxford and Bicester is now complete.

The second stage between Bicester and Bedford has started and will continue through to 2024.

The section between Bedford and Cambridge has been through one round of consultation in 2019 to choose a preferred route. Of five options put forward, the northerly option (E) was preferred (see image) and is now being developed into a more detailed plan. Find out why option E was chosen here. The intention is the the full scheme will be complete before 2030.

The preferred route has the possibility that the railway line will run close to the north of Bourn, so your Parish Council has formed a working party comprising Cllr O’Brien and Stutchbury to represent the interests of villagers to the planning authorities.

Visit this site to get updates to meetings and access to documents.