The Cambourne to Cambridge busway is dedicated road for buses between Cambourne and Cambridge. It is an essential pre-requisite to building on Bourn airfield due to the congestion that is already evident on the A428 entering and exiting Cambridge in the rush hour.

Options were drawn up and consulted on in 2016 for an off-road route running south of the A428 and an on-road route using the existing A428. Sites for a new Park and Ride were also identified near Maddingley Mulch and Scotland Farm. Following consultation, the off-road route and the Park and Ride at Scotland Farm were chosen. See C2C website. Subsequent to this decision, in 2020 the mayor of Cambridge, James Palmer, stepped in and pronounced the scheme to be incompatible with his plans for a Cambridge Metro and the project has been put on hold while new options are being considered.

The Bourn Parish Council believes that this delay will impact the transport strategy upon which the Bourn Airfield development relies and is monitoring whether it impacts the planned start date for developing Bourn airfield.

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Update 26 May 2020

Letter sent to all councils re-the latest plans for the C2C to meet the requirements of the Cambridge metro scheme, as proposed by the mayor.

Cambourne to Cambridge – Outline Business Case June 2020

Dear Councillor

You will be aware that publication of the C2C scheme’s Outline Business Case (OBC) setting out final proposals were expected to be presented to the Executive Board for final decision in February 2020. Presentation of the business case was then delayed after the Mayor called for a sub-strategy to the Local Transport Plan agreed in January 2020, setting out the vision for the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM) as a whole system. Along with three other corridor schemes, the C2C project forms Phase 1 of the emerging CAM scheme, part of a network of regional routes planned for delivery by 2024.

After reviewing the draft sub-strategy, in order to deliver on an agreed agenda with Government and following the Government’s recent release of a second tranche of City Deal funding, the GCP Executive Board has agreed to advance with scheduled decision making. The OBC for the C2C scheme including final route proposals will be presented for decision at the Executive Board meeting on 25 June.

The Outline Business Case remains largely unchanged, presenting a route traveling primarily off road as the solution offering most reliable public transport journeys and the Travel Hub site at Scotland Farm as the recommended option for the final scheme. However, to ensure full compliance with the requirement for the CAM and its component schemes to be dedicated, segregated routes, and in light of significant local stakeholder concerns regarding cycling safety, the route put forward in the C2C OBC will no longer propose Adams Road to access the city but will return to the previously proposed Rifle Range alignment.

The GCP Joint Assembly will meet to review the proposals on 4 June, followed by final consideration at the GCP Executive Board meeting on 25 June and there is planned to be a further LLF to cover the Rifle Range/Adams Road alignment update in coming weeks (invitations to be issued shortly).

If the plan is agreed by the Executive Board, the project would progress to submit a Transport and Works Act Order application to the Department for Transport. As part of this work an Environmental Impact Assessment, Transport Assessment, and Road Safety Audit will be undertaken and there will be further consultation to limit and mitigate environmental impacts wherever possible.

Our project team will continue to engage with local communities and landowners and will be in touch again after the 25th to share the outcome of the Board. Should you wish to discuss in the meantime please contact me at this email address ([email protected]) or on 07527 277147.

Kind regards

Austin Nwadike

GCP Project Manager, Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport Project

Update 16 June 2022

After James Palmer lost his mayoral seat, plans for the Cambridge Metro have been dropped and the C2C busway is back on the agenda. It is a £160m project to connect Cambourne and Cambridge with a dedicated off-road bus and cycle/walkway alongside. The aim is to reduce traffic congestion along the A1303/Madingley Rd. Greater Cambridge Partnership has published its fourth consultation document describing the proposed route and its impact on local communities. This will interest people wanting an alternative, fast and convenient route into Cambridge as well as cyclists, walkers and of course residents who may well be impacted by the route itself. The main impact on Bourn is how it crosses the Broadway near the A428 into Bourn Airfeld Development (see map). The consultation is open until 11 July 2022, so please respond as soon as you can.