Bourn Airfield Development is a proposed development of 3500 houses located on the former World War II airfield.

It has been challenged by the StopBAD group since its inception, but has now been approved subject to a high quality public transport (HQPT) solution. Unfortunately the plans for the Cambourne to Cambridge (C2C) busway has been delayed and in 2020 the developers (Countryside) made an application to build 500 houses without having to wait for the HQPT solution be be in place.

Update 19 February 2021: A decision to proceed with the first 500 houses was agreed at an Extraordinary Meeting of the South Cambridgeshire District Council Planning Committee on Friday 19 February 2021. See Cambridge News.

The Parish Council objects to the application and is concerned that the application has come forward before a decision has been reached on the nature and delivery of a high quality public transport scheme to serve the thousands of new residents who’ll live in the new settlement.

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StopBad is a campaign set up and run by local villagers objecting to the development of Bourn Airfield as the site for a new settlement. Since the formal adoption of the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan, and the Supplementary Planning Document for Bourn Airfield, the campaign’s focus has shifted to assessing and mitigating the impact of the development on Bourn and the surrounding villages.

To find out more, including how to join the campaign, visit the StopBAD website