Some time on Thursday (7th) morning, someone used an angle grinder to break the lock into a garage on Crow End. This was not noticed until 2.15pm. They didn’t appear to have taken anything, but a white van came back down the drive at 2.30pm. When a vehicle drove towards them, the white van reversed back up the drive and drove off. No-one managed to get the registration details.

A similar white van was seen driving around Hall Close yesterday morning and the driver/passenger took, among other things, a pushchair and ladders from residents’ front gardens. This is not the first time this has happened.

Please keep your eyes out, get the registration details if you can, and report anything you see.

On another note, someone (unrelated to the white van, we believe) has damaged a reindeer and stolen another Christmas garden ornament from a garden at Hall Close, also damaging the garden fence in the process, at considerable expense to the owners who put the decorations out in order to raise money for the local air ambulance service. Please be aware if you have decorations out and check your CCTV (if you have it) if you become aware of any damage/theft nearby.