Every month a small group of volunteers walk the public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways and byways)  in our parish and check they remain safe and cleared of foliage and fallen trees. Graham Bruce writes a report for the parish council detailing any work that needs to be done and Angela Marcham liaises with landowners, the County Council and Parish Council. Basil Jaques is the parish councillor responsible for public rights of way.

Every so often a tree falls across a path and requires more than a pair of secateurs and loppers. The recent storms brought down two trees, one across Water Lane and the other across the byway between Crow End and the Drift. Angela Marcham, Graham Bruce and Neil Stutchbury cleared these two trees this week and the paths are now passable, though you will need a pair of wellies to get through Water Lane, which is currently flooded (and well-named to boot!). The parish council has also commissioned repairs to the muddy areas around some of the stiles, which will make them much easier and safer to use. Thank you to Graham for regularly walking our footpaths and to him and Angela for keeping them accessible for all of us to use.