Message from the organiser Basil Jaques

“Well is Spring here or not? I seem to remember a beast from the east, hopefully we will not get anything like that. In regards to the organisation for the Queen’s Jubilee Festival, from a really great start things have inevitably slowed down. It’s getting commitments from people and organisations that’s proving slow. I suppose this is always the way and no doubt you lovely people will all be falling over yourselves to take an active part. We really do need volunteers!  Bake us a cake, agree to man a stand, come up with something you can do to make the Festival go with a swing.

As you know we have not had a Church Fete or Sports Day for two years and we would like this combined Festival to succeed. We really would like each of the village clubs to have a presence there and you would be sorely missed if you don’t have a stand, barking for new members. Thinking caps on – come up with something your club can do.

So don’t be shy, bake us a cake to sell on the tea stall or offer to help run another stall.

Reading this again it’s a shame, ‘cos donations and prizes are going exceptionally well!! The RAFFLE is going to be “AWSOM”.