Like many villages, Bourn has a car scheme where volunteer drivers take residents without a means of transport to medical appointments. The scheme in Bourn, which is supported by Care Network Cambridgeshire and Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC), has been running for many years with a small, but dedicated, band of drivers who provide a valuable and welcome service to Bourn residents. We have continued that service throughout lockdowns taking residents to vital hospital and GP appointments.

One of our drivers, Jane Bradford, very sadly died in October and she will be sorely missed in Bourn through her many volunteer activities of which the car scheme was just one. Two of our drivers have had to temporarily step back from driving due to health issues. Therefore, we would love to welcome some new drivers into the scheme, especially now residents are asking for transport for Covid boosters, and more hospital appointments are happening. Many cars make fewer drives each!

If you, even if it’s only occasionally, think you could spare an hour or so to act as a driver, please do consider it. It is not an onerous role and there’s no fixed time or commitment to make – you need only do a drive if it fits in with your schedule and commitments. It’s a lovely thing to do for our community, especially as it’s for people who in the past have given so much to our village but now need a bit of extra support themselves. You will require a DBS check first, a very quick and straightforward process – just an on-line questionnaire sent to Cambridgeshire County Council and then a brief visit to Shire Hall to meet the, very friendly, county coordinator with a photo for your ID badge and a couple of utility bills to prove who you are. Then you are set to go! You are reimbursed for your mileage (30p per mile by the client and CCC top this up by another 15p) and any parking fees – it is only your time you give freely. We operate in a Covid safe way, disinfecting our cars, wearing masks, and asking clients to sit in the rear.

These are the comments about the scheme from a regular client, Iris Hardy. “John and I have been using the Car Scheme for nearly three years for hospital and doctor’s visits. We have to say how very happy we are with the service, and with the kindness of all the drivers for whom nothing is too much trouble. We just can’t thank them enough.”

If you are interested to know more about being a volunteer driver, please call the coordinator number 07948 112531 for a chat.

If you live in the village and need transport for any type of medical journey, be it GP, hospital, eye or hearing tests or any other medical therapy please do not hesitate to call us on 07948 112531 giving, at least, a couple of days’ notice and we will help if we can. Your driver will take you as near to your appointment as possible and will wait for you to return. Several of our drivers can also accommodate portable wheelchairs or walkers in their cars.

Bourn Car Scheme