Highways England has approved a new 20mph speed limit in Bourn covering:

  • All of Caxton End
  • The lower half of Alms Hill extending along the High Street to Gills Hill – i.e. just after the Caxton Road turning to the where there’s a flashing speed sign on Gills Hill.
  • All thorough Hall Close and Riddy Lane.


This will be implemented on Monday 18 July. You may see painted “20” signs on the road – this is where the 20mph roundels will be placed.

The decision to have a 20mph speed limit in Bourn was taken by your Parish Council after extensive consultation with residents, the majority of whom support traffic calming measures. As you know a speed cushion and chicane was installed at the top of Braodway to calm traffic entering the residential area on Broadway. A second cushion (actually a pair of cushions) will be placed at the bottom of Alms Hill (between the Lalbach and Caxton Rd entrance) to slow traffic entering the village. This will happen in the same week as  the 20mph speed zone is in implemented.

There have also been many complaints about the quality of the road surface through Bourn. The Parish Council has escalated this to the County Council and as a result, some spot repairs have been carried out by the Dragon Patcher on Alms Hill and Broadway and there are now longer term plans (2025/26) to improve the quality of the road surface on Alms Hill and the Broadway by patching and top-coating with asphalt. There is also a separate scheme proposed to resurface several poor sections of carriageway along Alms Hill, High Street and Caxton End but there is no fixed timescale for this and at present it is pencilled in for 2024/25 or later. Unfortunately there are other higher priority roads needing repairs in the area which will go ahead before ours.