Throughout the UK “over 700 species of wild flowers grow on the road verges – nearly 45% of our total flora. And where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows… a multitude of bees, butterflies, birds and insects”. However these areas have been seriously reduced by the relentless grass cutting schedules of local councils that leave these verges bare of plant- and wild-life. Conservation charity, Plantlife, has launched a UK-wide Road Verge campaign to create wildflower meadows along road verges.

We are a group of Bourn residents who are working to recreate wildflower areas along the road verges around the village. This will involve actively seeding native wildflowers where the verge is bare and altering the cutting schedule so that seeds have chance to fall and reseed. It will not impair visibility on the road or road safety.

If you’d like to get involved contact Gill ([email protected]), Sarah ([email protected]) or Alison ([email protected])