The aim of Bourn Neighbourhood Watch is to improve communication between both residents and the local police in order to mount the most effective and rapid response to local crime.

In order to be successful we need as much participation from local villagers as possible, with contact details so that we can keep everyone informed about any incidents as quickly as possible.

The village is split into a number of areas with each one being managed by a ‘coordinator’ who is responsible for informing their residents about any crime and to feedback any details of crime occurring.

The most efficient way of passing on this information is by email so please could any new residents contact their relevant coordinator below, to ensure that they are kept informed.

Riddy Lane and lower part of Hall Close (high numbers)
Gill’s Hill, High Street and Alms Hill (High Street to Kingfisher Close)                                                     Gillian Macnamee – [email protected]

Top part of Hall Close (low numbers)                                                                                                                  Vanda Parcell  –   [email protected]

Kingfisher Close, Caxton Road and Alms Hill (from Kingfisher Close),  The Drift, Charters Farm and Broadway to Rockery Farm                                                                                                                                    Jenny Collard   –  [email protected]

Caxton End (High Street to Barrances Farm), Church Street and Baldwins Close
Rae Byrne  –  [email protected]

Caxton End (Barrances Farm to Watery Lane)
Janet Cronk    –  [email protected]

If an incident needs immediate attention you should dial 999 or use the police non-emergency number, 101, as appropriate. Do not contact your coordinator at that point. (But please inform them later so we can let other residents know!). If however what you see is non urgent and may provide information to help police with an investigation then please pass it on to the coordinator.

The police are very supportive of this initiative as it makes their job much easier and is proven to reduce crime. I do hope that you are able to support us to make our village safer for everyone!

To get in touch contact your local coordinator (see above) or Rae Byrne on [email protected] or tel: 718555