The BAA was established in January 2010 to manage the 11 small allotment plots on a half-acre site the Parish Council has leased from the District Council.  Plots are let out by Bourn Allotment Association to members. The BAA has a mandate to maintain and improve facilities and ensure members do the same. It aspires to support and educate members, promote proper cultivation and enjoyment of the site, whilst respecting the environment.  The Association liaises with the Parish Council on behalf of members and ensures the terms of the agreement with the Parish Council are adhered to. Any resident of the Parish of Bourn can apply for membership of the BAA. There is a short waiting list as currently all 11 plots are occupied. Members pay a nominal fee to join the list and when a plot becomes vacant are given the option to have the tenancy of that plot. There is an annual fee for the plot and members are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the BAA constitution. Members also benefit from the BAA’s affiliation to the National Allotment Society. The BAA holds its AGM in February and has a separate management committee. Various Bourn organisations have visited the allotments including Bourn Garden Club, Little Hands and Bourn Primary School and learnt about food cultivation. The “allotmenteers” also hold BBQs in summer and at Christmas. If you are resident in Bourn and would like to become a member of the BAA and be placed on the waiting list for a plot please email the secretary at:- [email protected]