Bourn Parish Council

Contact with the Parish Council should be made through the Parish Clerk, preferably by email - bournpcclerk@gmail.com - who will pass on information to the relevant councillor/s.

Your Parish Councillors

Clicking on the envelope by their name will allow you to complete and send any message direct to them via the website however, to get information to ALL the councillors, it will be more effective to email the Parish Clerk (see top of the page).

Every councillor must complete a declaration of any interests within the parish. These can be viewed by clicking here.

For the list of responsibilities of each councillor and other  volunteer members of the public please click here.



Councillor/Chairman | Neil Blair
Tel: 01954 719794
Address: 19 Church Street Bourn CB23 2SJ

Councillor/Vice-Chair | Vivien Bruce
Tel: 01954 718221
Address: 16 Kingfisher Close Bourn CB23 2TJ

Councillor | Alison Bourne
Tel: 01954 719021
Address: 21 Caxton End Bourn CB23 2SS

Councillor | Sarah Jaggers
Mob: 07555 650443
Address: 32 Caxton End Bourn CB23 2SS

Councillor | Steve Jones
Tel: 01954 719329
Address: Rosemary & Lavender Cottage Caxton Road Bourn CB23 2SX

Councillor | Des O'Brien
Tel: 01954 718115
Address: Vine Cottage Fox Road Bourn CB23 2TX

Councillor/Webmaster | Les Rolfe
Tel: 01954 718150
Address: 57 Hall Close Bourn CB23 2SN

Councillor | Neil Stutchbury
Address: 37 High Street Bourn CB23 2TR

Acting Parish Clerk |
Tel: 01954 718150
Address: c/o 57 Hall Close Bourn CB23 2SN

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