Provided by Google Maps the map below is centred on the village but can be reduced, enlarged and/or moved around to show a more detailed or larger area.

The clickable links below the map will take you to online maps of the area, also adjustable, which show the public rights of way and permissive access paths, not just within the village and parish, but also connecting to other parts of the county and beyond.



The 'Cambridgeshire County Council Map' is possibly the clearest, even showing individual buildings when enlarged, but does not show any detail outside the county boundary. (Click first on 'Leisure and Culture' on the left-hand menu, then tick the boxes for 'Public Rights of Way – PROW' and 'Permissive Access Paths' to show them on the map).

The 'OpenStreetMap' is a national website and appears to be accurate, shows all areas both within the parish, district, county and beyond, but shows very limited detail of the buildings which could make finding a footpath or bridleway a little difficult.

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