Local Schools

their catchment areas and their contact details



Bourn C of E Primary Academy


takes children from the villages of Bourn, Caxton, Kingston and Longstowe

their website can be accessed here




the natural progression is for children to then attend


Comberton Village College


which takes students from Bourn Primary Academy as well as a larger catchment area which includes the villages of Barton, Caldecote, Comberton, Coton, Grantchester, Great and Little Eversden, Hardwick, Harlton, Haslingfield, Madingley and Toft.

It also still takes some students from Cambourne although, with the opening of the new Cambourne Village College in 2013, those children from that village leaving primary school that year became the new college's first intake of students. This will be repeated in subsequent years until no Cambourne students will attend Comberton.


The Comberton Village College website can be found here



In previous years sixth-form students had to travel to either Long Road or Hills Road Colleges in Cambridge. However the new


Comberton Sixth Form College

means that students will now be able to continue their studies here instead, although as there is not the same catchment area control, they can still attend other sixth-form colleges if they choose and, at the same time, students from other areas can decide to enrol here.


The Sixth-Form College have their own website which can be found here





There is a nursery school which operates at Bourn Village Hall. For further information click here






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