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Telephone Kiosks

- what to do with them?


We have been notified by South Cambs District Council and BT that they are intending to decommission more than 70 phone kiosks in this area which includes the two in our parish.


There have been no calls made from either kiosk for more than twelve months and, with the steady rise in home phones and mobile phones, there is no longer any great demand for telephone kiosks at the roadside.


It is now possible for local authorities, such as Parish Councils, to adopt redundant phone kiosks and in many areas they are being converted to many different uses. Villages in South Cambs now have a variety of phone kiosks, many of which have been taken over by local organisations. One of the most popular uses is a mini-library/book exchange. In some areas they are being converted to house a defibrillator unit for 24/7 emergency access.

Some ideas as to what has been done with kiosks in other areas can be found by following the link below -


We would welcome any suggestions about the two kiosks in our parish. Please contact any member of the Parish Council or the Parish Clerk (contact details are elsewhere on the website).


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