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Have you been asked to sign a

copy of this petition?


If not, please ask your nearest Parish Councillor,

or contact the Webmaster




The application has to presented at the beginning of November so we need as many signatures as possible by Friday 24th October


When we used a petition last year to undeline our demands for a lower speed limit along Alms Hill and The Broadway it carried considerable weight when the application was presented


Let's do the same again

















This new website for Bourn Parish Council was set up in 2013.

It is intended to provide as much local information as possible.

Some sections are, as yet, incomplete or have yet to be transcribed. Some are yet to be formulated. It all takes time but we hope that everything you need will become available.

Meanwhile, please contact the webmaster who will try to help you if there is anything you are looking for, or anything you would like to see in the future.


Bourn Parish Council is not responsible for the content of external sites accessed via links from this website. Some pages are/may be administered by the individual organisation who are responsible for their content. Broken links are always a hazard. Should you find any please report them to the webmaster so that they may be corrected.